PocketMoney Treasures’s selection of products and gifts was the best of any catalogue we saw. Well done and kind regards.

Helen Spears

We had a very successful stall this year. This was our third year as a team and we have always really loved the gifts from MAPS. We raised nearly $2500 and the students loved the gifts.

We also wanted to let you know that the gift bags you sent us were the best part of the stall. It was a beautiful way to present the gifts and made the stall look very festive.

Kate Harrison

I bought quite a few gifts from you for our school and just wanted to say thank you for your prompt and efficient service. Our Mother’s Day stall was very successful and we also appreciated the complimentary gift bags.

Silvana De Conno

I would like to acknowledge your team on the fantastic range and price points of the products you offered for Mothers Day this year. The items were of good taste, high quality yet still at a very competitive price point.

This year we purchased $2,000 worth from MAPS and our only regret is that we didn’t order $3,000. Looking forward to Father’s Day.

Carney Caldwell

I thought I would just write a couple of words about the success of our very first Mother’s Day stall held at the school for over 14 years. The feedback from parents, staff and children has been overwhelming and very positive about the range and quality of the gifts offered.  Many parents have spoken about being “surprised” that the gifts were “nice” and “useful” and enjoying watching their child’s faces as they opened them.

One Mum even got to wear her circle pendant at 4.30am teamed with her pyjama’s after her 9 year old son came bounding into her room with excitement that Mother’s Day had arrived and not being able to wait! It was so easy to come and shop with you and your staff who helped us achieve a very successful event when we had never done this before. The Mother’s Day stall now seems to have a permanent place on our school calendar, which we are absolutely thrilled about. We can’t wait until next year!

Melissa Robertson

Thank you for the gifts. Everyone has commented on how beautiful they are. Can’t wait to see the father’s day gifts. Thanks again!

Debbie McGivney

The team at PocketMoney Treasures made running our Fathers Day Stall a breeze. For minimal effort on our behalf, we actually made good money. I would recommend PocketMoney Treasures to any school.


Well the kids at our school absolutely love all the gifts they get to buy for their mum’s, so we will definitely be doing business with you again. So thank you for that.

Kellie Eather

I was impressed by the vast range of products, amazing value for money and the warm customer service.  It made my P&F duties so easy.


Friendly sales reps, You’ve got a great setup that catered to all our needs – Keep doing what you’re doing.

Michelle Sim

It was great to see the items on display and talk with someone about the choices.


You guys rock! Thank you so much for all your help. The gifts went down very well with the kids and we raised good money. See you next year.

Samantha Whitney 

Thank you for supplying such great gifts for our school’s Mother’s Day stall. The quality, variety and value is the best out of all the companies we’ve used in the past.


We held a very successful Mother’s Day stall. The teachers and parents all commented on the quality and variety of products available for the kids to buy. We will definitely be purchasing from you next time and looking forward to seeing what you have available for Father’s Day. Thank you!

Mandy Bourke