Keep a Fundraising Stall Diary


One of the often mentioned challenges for new P&F committee members is understanding what has worked in the past, and importantly what has not worked.

Advertising Will Assist Your Gift Stalls Performance

Visual Merchandising

As a fundraising committee, you spend considerable energy and time organising your stall. Therefore, it’s really important that the school community know when the stall is being held (date and times), the range of gifts available and the…

Holding a Fundraising Stall Made Easy


This is just a suggestion of another way to hold a stall and here’s how it works. Students are advised that all gifts are $5.00 (obviously you set your own price). A student wishing to buy three gifts…

Displaying Your Gifts

Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes, younger children can be unsure of what the gifts displayed on your stall are actually used for, particularly if it’s a gadget. If you have purchased gifts which may be confusing to young children, it is very…