10 Reasons to Celebrate Father’s Day

For much of human history Dads have been helping us to ride bikes, build pillow forts and suffer through the same story book for the 63rd time. It is for these reasons we celebrate Dads everywhere on Father’s Day.

1. They teach you important life skills, like skateboarding through traffic.

Some father-son quality time

2. Dad taught you how to go BIG or go home!

Skoda Stroller
The Skoda VRS Mega Man-Pram rides on 20-inch wheels surrounded by all-terrain rubber and packs plenty of car-like tech for dad to geek out on. (Source: http://newatlas.com/skoda-manly-baby-stroller/28467/)

3. They helped you learn how to walk.

Dad just took off the training hands

4. Dad’s always encouraging you to express your creativity

A dad just being a dad

5. Without dads, who would pass down the important cultural traditions of the ‘dad joke’.

Dad humor…

6. Dads are always trying keeping us safe.

Dad´s view of driving lessons

7. Dad’s a total Belieber! He also equally loves the complete anthology of other performing artists such as the Hanson, Spice Girls or Venga Boys.

I hope I’m never this Dad

8. He even shares the same taste in movies.

9. Dads help make sure that their kids grow up to be superheroes.

Why I’m looking forward to being a father

10. Dad always has the latest gadgets, like VR helmets…

parenting goals

Oh.. and who can forget, they even changed your nappy that one time!

Emma-Jane Hamilton
About the author: Emma-Jane Hamilton

As the Director of a suite of companies supporting schools across Australia - PocketMoney Treasures, Team Tops, MAPS Merchandise and MAPS Marketing (and a parent to school age children) I know it can be a real challenge running a school fundraising gift stall and I applaud your volunteering efforts.

Over the years, I have worked with thousands of Mums, Dads and Schools to help them create successful Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas Day stalls - the key to holding a successful stall is selling quality products that represent value for money.

I genuinely enjoy helping fundraising committees all over Australia to raise much needed funds for their schools. But if I'm totally honest what I enjoy most about the School Fundraising Stall is that I like to believe that in our own little way, we (the adults) are collectively helping to teach children to experience the joy of giving. The look of pride on my own children's faces when they give David or I a gift they chose themselves, makes it all worthwhile. My children are older now but in many corners of my home, I still proudly display little gifts they gave me over the years, they're precious to me so I know you understand where I'm coming from.